List of Actions

Two actions

Control the Zone: Until your next turn, roll your active attack on all opportunistic attacks.

Prepare a cranked crossbow for firing.

One action.

Attack someone within reach of your melee weapon (once per round unless Hasted).

Attack with two weapons, one in each hand.

Attempt to disarm or trip an opponent.

Fire a ranged weapon.

Cast a normal spell (once per round unless Hasted).

Stand up from prone.

Move your Speed.

Make swimming or climbing progress.

Improve a Hand-to-Hand Snare.

Attempt to escape a Snare.

When your opponent has Snared you with a weapon they still hold, attempt to yank it out of their hands.

Run: Move (Agility & Athletics Successes + Speed) x 2; use only passive defenses until next turn.

Draw or ready a weapon or piece of ammunition.

Prepare a hand crossbow, crossbow, or heavy crossbow for firing.

Draw a potion, salve, incense, or gadget.

Drink a potion, apply a salve, use a gadget, set up incense for burning, light incense, or activate a talisman requiring activation.

Influence a single person or animal with a -2 penalty.

No action, or part of another action.

Jump as part of a move.

Draw or ready a weapon or piece of ammunition (with the Quick Draw Benefit).

Draw a potion, salve, incense, or gadget (with the Quick Draw Benefit).

Speak a short sentence.

Defend yourself.

Cast a Reactive spell.

More than a Round – Not for Combat

Influence a crowd.

Influence a single person or animal without a penalty.

Cast a ritual.

Craft an item.

Build a building, machine, or makeshift shelter.

Gather natural resources or wood.

Search for shelter.

Create or break a code.

Sacrifice Future Actions

Full Defense: Sacrifice two actions in your next round. Parry twice with each weapon, Block twice with each shield, and gain +2 to all defenses until the next time you act.

Defensive Roll: Sacrifice one action in your next turn to include Acrobatics with a defense.


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