You can only take each Benefit once, unless the Benefit specifically states otherwise.


You suffer no penalty to damage with your off-hand weapon when using two weapons, and your Strength is considered 1 higher for the purposes of determining which two weapons you can wield.

Artist’s Arms

You can parry any melee attack with Hand-to-Hand Skill. Normally you can only parry Hand-to-Hand attacks with Hand-to-Hand Skill.


Your penalty to hit when you cannot see is only -2, and you have no penalty to damage. You still suffer the penalties to Personality and Empathy rolls.

Four Legs

Double your carrying capacities and your land Speed. This Benefit is intended for animals.


You are an ordained priest of one of the Leaders. You may use that Leader’s magic and the associated elemental magic, even if you have no training in it. You may not use magic of the opposite elemental type (see the Element Table or the Magic section for more.) You cannot be an ordained priest of more than one Leader.

Quick Draw

Drawing or readying a weapon is a free action for someone with this Benefit. This includes arrows and bolts but does not reduce the amount of time required to load a crossbow, since that involves pulling or cranking back the string.

Tight-quarter Fighting

You have no penalties when Squeezed.


Increase the size of each of your Hit tiers by one.

Two-handed Knockdown

When using any melee weapon two-handed, you have a chance to knock your opponent prone. The Knockdown dice are equal to the Strength required to wield the weapon (so a longsword would be +2 Knockdown, a greatsword would be +4, and so on).

Two-weapon Specialist

You no longer suffer any to-hit penalty with your main weapon. The to-hit penalty for your 2nd weapon drops to -1. You still suffer the -1 penalty to damage with your off-hand weapon, unless you also have the Ambidextrous Benefit.


Gain a fly Speed equal to 5 + your Athletics Skill. You must move at least 3 meters every round to remain airborne. If you take a fall, you may roll Agility & Athletics vs. 2 to turn the fall into a flight. If you roll only one Success, you fall, but you take no damage. You can ‘run’ in the air just like you would on the ground (see Athletics). This Benefit is intended for animals.


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