Shadow Magic

Once the purview of Sequoia, the tree god of shadows and peace, Shadow Magic is now available to anyone with the will and the Faith to wield it. Sequoia abhors violence; Shadow Magic has no damaging spells and encourages stealth and avoidance over conflict.

Shadow Magic spells are most effective at night. If cast at night, add +1 bonus to the roll. If cast on a night of the new moon, add +2.

Cloak of Night

Cloak yourself and your friends in darkness. You may affect 1 person per Success. All affected people gain +2 defense vs. ranged attacks for the rest of the encounter, as if dimly lit. Affected targets can see normally and suffer no penalties.

Cloak of Twilight

Cloak yourself and your friends in shadows. You may affect 1 person per Success. All affected people gain +3 to Stealth rolls for the next hour.

Counter Light (Reactive)

Use this spell to counter any Light spell. Roll Faith & Shadow Magic Skill; each Success you roll reduces the effectiveness of the Light spell by 1 Success. You may use this as a reaction when an opponent is casting a Light spell within your sight, or you may use it to counter any active Light spells you can see. (For determining a spell’s nature, see the Theology Skill.)

Eclipse (Ritual)

This is effectively a ritualized version of Shadow Shroud (see below) that can last longer and affect a larger area. When you begin the ritual, a Shadow Shroud coalesces around the center of the ritual circle, encompassing the center 3 square meters. All participants roll Faith, Shadow Magic, and Stealth every 5 minutes; for every Success, the shroud expands 3 square meters. The shroud lasts as long as the participants concentrate on it, and for 2 hours afterwards.


Using tricks of color and shadow, you cause one target to become Invisible. This spell lasts one round for every Success you roll, but ends immediately if the target attacks anyone.

Shadow Disguise

Use shadows to disguise one target as someone or something else. You can make a target appear one size category larger or smaller, and there is no limit to the nature of the disguise. Opponents trying to see through the disguise roll Insight or Empathy & Perception vs. your Successes, and your disguise target may also add Successes from a roll of Willpower & Bluff. The disguise lasts as long as you concentrate on it and can see the target, and for five minutes after you stop concentrating. While you are concentrating on this spell, you can only use your Passive Skills to do other things.

Shadow Shroud

Shadow blankets an area you designate. You affect 3 square meters to begin with; for every Success you roll you can affect an additional 3 square meters. The area must be contiguous but can be in any shape you desire. The shadows last for the rest of the encounter or until you dismiss them. If the area surrounding the shadows is well-lit, the shadows are considered dimly lit. Creatures obscured by dimly lit shadows have a +2 bonus to defenses against ranged attacks, and are harder to spot (see Perception). If the area around the shadows is darker than well-lit, the shadowed area is considered pitch dark. Creatures obscured by pitch-dark shadows are Invisible, and anyone in the shadowed area is considered Blind.

Trick of the Shadows

Shadows within your sight take on a shape you design. You can make the visual illusion of any object or creature up to large size. If you are making something you have never seen, the GM may decide to impose a penalty; otherwise, the illusion looks and moves like the real thing. Enemies attempting to see through it roll Insight & Perception vs. your Successes. If they win, they see through your illusion. If they fail, they don’t see through it until it becomes obvious, through touching it, for example, that it is false. If they tie, they sense something is wrong with it but can’t pick out what.


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