There are twelve Stats. Eleven of them correspond to one of the eleven elements (listed in parentheses), and the last one corresponds to Star, the lord of the gods. Each Stat is also considered a Body, Mind, Heart, or Spirit Stat, and either an Offense, Defense, or Core stat. If we can generalize for a moment, the Body Stats are physical, the Mind Stats are mental, the Heart Stats are social or emotional, and the Spirit Stats have to do with faith and magic. The Offense Stats are typically the ones you do damage with; the Defense Stats are the ones you use to avoid being hit; the Core Stats are the ones you use to absorb damage. This is all related to the various philosophies that pervade the setting.

Aspect Body Mind Heart Spirit
Offense Strength (Ice) Creativity (Lightning) Personality (Space) Faith (Time)
Defense Agility (Wind) Insight (Light) Empathy (Fire) Luck (Star)
Core Endurance (Earth) Memory (Water) Willpower (Shadow) Courage (Life)


Physical power. This Stat determines the amount you can lift and carry, the size of weapon you can wield, and the damage you do with melee and thrown weapons.


Flexibility and coordination. This Stat is used for defense and for determining the accuracy of some weapons.


Perseverance and staying power. This Stat determines your toughness in battle.


Ability to come up with new ideas or to think on the fly. This Stat is used in a lot of Skills, most notably with crafts.


Sharpness of mind – ability to notice and connect ideas and evidence. This Stat is used in many Skills, and can be used in to-hit rolls with projectile weapons.


Ability to store and recall information. This Stat also defends you against some spells.


Ability to impress, ingratiate, influence, and schmooze. This Stat is used in many social Skills and for some spells.


Ability to connect with others, especially on an emotional level. This Stat is used in many social Skills and in some spells.


Self-control. This Stat helps defend you against forced adjustments to your emotional state, and affects the number of magic points you have.


The power of your beliefs. The stronger these are, the more powerful are the magics you can control. This Stat also affects the number of magic points you have.


Star’s favor. This Stat is useful in almost every situation.


Ability to stand firm in the face of overwhelming fear. This Stat is used in some spells and defends you against some spells, and with the Resolve Skill.

Using Luck

You get a pool of luck dice to use every game day; the size of this pool is equal to your Luck Stat. Any time you want – even after you have already rolled – you can choose to take some dice out of your luck pool to include in a roll as a bonus. Once used, the luck pool does not reset until the next game day. You cannot build up luck over time by saving it.


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